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Larry Williams, a graduate of the Eastman School of Music, has been playing for theater groups, churches, school and community choruses, instrumentalists and vocalists for many years.  

As a member of The United States Army Band, Washington, D.C. he played clarinet for John F. Kennedy’s funeral.

Larry taught instrumental music in the public schools for 35 years.

Larry now records a wide variety of musicians needing demo or audition CDs in his studio.

New CD
 Chester Schmitz


Larry Williams


Piano Accompanist


Singers and Instrumentalists
Record your own Demo
or Audition CD


Larry will accompany you on his Steinway grand piano, record your performance for one hour using PRO TOOLS, mix and burn a master CD within 48 hours, all for $75, no minimum.

Call for pre-studio time obligations, mine and yours.

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Larry Williams
100 Hayward Road
Acton, MA  01720